519 Thomas St., Anderson, SC 29624

Status: Funded


Address of deal

519 Thomas St., Anderson, SC 29624

Amount of money needed in $USD


Length of time money is needed (in months)


Expected close date

August 7-11th

How you will use the money?

$45k goes to purchase of home. $55k rehab of property Plus new survey

How much are you offering for the return in $USD (minimum $1000)?


What is your exit strategy to pay back the lender?

We will be flipping this home to a retail buyer

What is Exit strategy #2 if #1 fails?

Refi in to our Buy and hold rental group



Comps (addresses, last sale date, purchase price)

1510 S fant st anderson,11/14/2022, $175K

1022 Brock st, 6/23/2022, $251k

1106Sumac St 7/28/2022

502 E hampton st, 6/4/2023, $176K

Purchase price in $USD


Link to property pictures


Borrower's experience & expertise

14 years of combined experience in construction, hotel renovation, project management, general contracting, and flips.